We are building an ecosystem of visionary leaders who are driven to grow and change the system for good.

In this entrepreneur network, we connect conscious, like-minded leaders who are driven to make a real impact. Together, we organize inspirational events, retreats, and workshops that provide a transformative experience. But it doesn’t end there.

To support you fully on your journey and unlock your true potential, we have crafted a 9-month program called the Dragonfly Leadership Program. This immersive experience includes weekly personal sessions tailored to your individual growth and development, as well as four masterclasses focused on igniting your transformation as a leader. Additionally, our monthly PULSE sessions allow you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, sharing your successes and challenges, and gaining invaluable focus and clarity.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey?

to become a Dragonfly leader

The Program

conscious leaders become healers and want to share their passion, purpose, power, experience and stories to shift their employees and humanity

founders, leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers want to make a mark to become healers and lead transformation from the future of work to the future of life and create harmony.

to become a Dragonfly Leader you’ll go on a once in a lifetime, nine month journey and shift, to be born again. We want to make you feel that you are part of a bigger (quantum) field of energy like a drop of water in the ocean. You are an unlimited source of energy that has the same qualities as the quantum field and entire ocean. There is so much potential that is waiting for you to unlock.

Our program is designed for Leaders that want to make a positive impact.

To become an authentic Dragonfly Leader you need to go beyond what you already know or think that you know.
We invite leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers of all levels to join our program and community.

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ecosystem of founders and entrepreneurs

surprising moments become life changing events

dragonfly leadership program

the pulse: 2-weekly business checkin

coaching, healing, workshops and retreats

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True growth can only happen when people first take care of their patterns, conditions, trauma, drama and ego. 21st century leaders become healers and lead their organization with this new leadership. Our dragonfly leadership program helps leaders to become the 21st century healers.

Founders, entrepreneurs, pioneers meet at a frequent rhythm to share knowledge, experience, stories and business. Special trips, events and inspirational sessions will be the heartbeat of our ecosystem.